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New Walchem W900 series controller
  • Universal sensor input with extraordinary flexibility
  • Four I/O slots - complete sensor flexibility
  • 8 relay control outputs for multiple applications
  • Ethernet: internet/ LAN/ optional Modbus/ TCP
  • Data logging, email alarms/ system reports
  • Large touchscreen display
  • Cooling tower, industrial boiler, general conductivity, pH, ORP & disinfection applications
Iwaki IX-B high output/ precision diaphragm meterting pump
New Iwaki IX-B diaphragm metering pump
  • Wide flow range from 7.5 mls/ hour to 45 l/ hour
  • High precision & controllability. 1000:1 turndown ratio
  • Brushless DC motor - high power output/ smaller footprint
  • Degassing valve design - no priming or gas lock issues
  • Large easily visible LED status bar
  • Flexible installation without any extra parts
  • PVDF liquid end materials and solid PTFE diaphragm
  • Standard diaphragm rupture detector protecting users’ and the environment
  • Tubing, threaded, flanged or union connections for easy installation
Walchem cooling tower corrosion electrode
Walchem value priced corrosion electrode
  • For use with the W900 series cooling tower controller
  • Linear polarisation resistance (LPR) sensor
  • Reliable 4-wire design
  • Dual corrosion sensor input
  • Corrosion rate & imbalance
  • Adjusts inhibitor (PTSA) conc. higher if corrosion increases
Industrial process controllers

• Cooling tower • Industrial boiler pH/ ORP/ conductivity
Effluent treatment Waste water • Ni/ Cu plating
• Disinfection

Industrial electrodes

• pH/ ORP • Conductivity • Dissolved oxygen
• Peracetic acid • Free chlorine • Chlorine dioxide
• Fluorometer • Ozone • Corrosion

Iwaki chemical dosing pumps

• ES series (low cost) • EJ series (weather proof/low cost)
• EWN-R series (analog/digital/proportional control)
• EWN-R-CH series (chlorine dioxide delivery)
• EHE series (larger capacity 75 l/hr)
• IX series (weatherproof high capacity 300 l/hr)
• Posiflow (pump flow verification)

Process accessories

• Chemical logbook • Tank level sensors • Solenoid valves • Custom builds • Chemical storage tanks/ bunds
• Water meters • Brominators/ chlorinators
• pH/ ORP simulators • Biocide timers • pH/ conductivity buffers/ standards • Corrosion racks