• sensorex free chlorine bromine electrode

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Sensorex free chlorine/ bromine electrodes
sensorex free chlorine bromine electrode
The FCL series 4 (free chlorine/bromine sensors) feature amperometric measurement technology. Designed for disinfection applications in water treatment, chlorine generators, pools, etc., these sensors are available in several ranges for detecting ppm level of free chlorine/ bromine. Choose the FCL402D for 0-2ppm, FCL405D for 0-5ppm and FCL410D for 0-10ppm. Sensors output a 4-20mA signal. Membrane cap and fill solution are easily replaceable to maximise sensor life. Sensors can be used in new installations with the Sensorex flow cell, or installed as a replacement for other 4-20mA output free chlorine/bromine sensors, (consult Sensys for compatibility). An optional flow meter is available to help provide consistent flow for added system stability.