• level sensor for chemical dosing tank

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Tank level sensors
tank level sensor
Introducing EchoPod DL14 the general purpose, ultrasonic sensor provides non-contact level detection up to 1.25 m with 4 SPST 60 VA 1A relays and a two-wire 4-20 mA level measurement output. Each relay can be configured on a single set point alarm or latched on two sets for automatic fill or empty in simplex or duplex control modes with fail-safe logic. The embedded controller can replace external control hardware. The sensor is well suited for a wide range of corrosive, sticky or dirty type media. EchoPod is broadly selected for small chemical supply tanks, skid or process vessel, lift station, IBC, drum and sump applications. To configure EchoPod, download the free WebCal software and purchase one USB interface tool. The EchoPod DL24 is available for larger chemical supply tanks with a non-contact level detection up to 2.5 m
DL-14 0-1.25 m model
DL-24 0-2.50 m model
low cost tank level sensor
Alternative low cost transmitter for continuous non-contact ultrasonic level measurement in liquid storage tanks up to 1.6 m high