Sensorex offers a wide selection of contacting process conductivity sensors. Choose from low cost models, a variety of 316SS models and non-contacting toroidal (inductive) type cell. Correlating PPM to microS can be difficult, as water can be made up of different salt concentrations and dissolved metals, which can alter the conversion factor. It is preferable to use microSiemens as a unit of measure. However use the following formula to convert to PPM: ppm = 0.64 x conductivity. The basic 2-pin conductivity cell (or 4-pin that tries to improve stability) are known as contacting type conductivity cells. Another type of technology is the non-contacting (toroidal) cell, which uses a magnetic field to sense conductivity. A transmitting coil induces an electric voltage in a liquid. The ions present in the liquid enable a current flow that increases with increasing ion concentration. The ionic concentration is then proportional to the conductivity. The current in the liquid generates a magnetic alternating field in the receiving coil. The resulting current induced in the receiving coil is measured and used to determine the conductivity value of the solution. Advantages to this type of cell are:
  • no polarisation
  • reduced maintenance
  • increased chemical resistance
  • complete galvanic separation of measurement from medium (eliminates ground loss)
sensorex graphite industrial conductivity electrodes
Durable epoxy body CS150 conductivity sensors are supplied with graphite measuring surfaces. Optional ATC elements can be matched to the specific conductivity meter requirement. In-line or submersion mounting with low cost 1/2" or 3/4" mounting glands. Use the threads to install the sensor into a tee, or reverse the fitting and use the threads to connect to a pipe coupling. Choose 0.1 or 1.0 Cell K. The basic unit is supplied with a 30" cable and tinned lead connections
sensorex toroidal industrial conductivity electrodes
Resists fouling & coatings which cause problems with normal contacting cells. Sensor provides a non-contacting, inductive type conductivity measurement over a wide measuring range 0 - 2,000,000 uS. Connect directly to toroidal controllers manufactured by Rosemount, Foxboro, Walchem, etc.. Measure samples from conc. acids to microsiemen water with the same cell..All toroidal sensors are submersion ready to mount in tanks. Can be mounted in-line with unique 2" keyed CPVC flow cell
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Multiple 316SS conductivity sensors are available. The boiler sensors are designed for operating conditions up to 200 degrees C and 250 psig. For general applications both 3/4" NPT and 1/2" NPT models are available. For high pressure applications the HP series will handle pressures up to 300 psig at 100 degrees C. Both the body and the measuring pin are constructed of 316 stainless steel. Special thermally resistant PEEK insert and high temperature "O" rings
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