Sensorex dissolved oxygen electrodes
Portable/ lab/ in-line electrodes
  • reliable galvanic sensing technology
  • compact 12 mm design
  • optional integral ATC element
  • easy pre-membraned replacement cap
Industrial electrode
  • large volume electrolyte reservoir for long term continuous deployments
  • sensors are available with either a durable teflon membrane, or a wide span fast response HDPE membrane
  • all models are available with an optional integral temperature sensor
  • calibration is easy, requiring only a single point air calibration
  • convenient all-in-one design reduces number of sensors
For portable, laboratory or in-line applications DO1200 and DO1200TC feature dependable galvanic technology. No warm up period is required. Sensors are supplied with fast responding HDPE membrane caps for portable or lab use. Optional PTFE membrane caps are available for on-line or heavy UV exposure applications. Fill solution is replaceable when required. The DO1200 is supplied without internal temperature compensation
sensorex laboratory dissolved oxygen electrode
The Sensorex line of industrial dissolved oxygen probes are fast response galvanic type sensors. They have a large reservoir of electrolyte and available with either mV or 4-20mA outputs. The DO6400 series dissolved oxygen sensors feature a large capacity electrolyte holder, positive fit, easy to replace membrane and dependable galvanic cell technology for long term deployment. The body design ensures a good grip when wet. Ideal for aquaculture and waste water monitoring applications, these sensors require minimal maintenance. Teflon or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) membranes are available. Replacement membranes, installation tool and electrolyte are sold separately, or as a convenient kit. Sensors with mV output as well as built-in 4-20mA output in 0-100% and 0-200% saturation range are available
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