S600 series pH/ ORP electrode insertion assembly
Key points
  • solve your measurement needs in-line or in tank
  • minimise coating and abrasion problems
  • save money on replacement costs
  • simplify logistics of replacements for multiple brands
  • attach to most brands and models of pH/ ORP controller
  • expand as needed
  • work in most chemical environments
ERP reference technology
  • extended length reference path slows contamination
  • increased gel capacity for lengthened service life!
  • encapsulated double junction for protection against silver interaction.
  • special heavy duty ACR-2 gels to resist thermal breakdown.
Other key features
  • modular design
  • special insertion assembly version allows electrode removal/ maintenance without shutting down the system
  • only purchase what is needed
  • same sensor for in-line or submersion, less parts to stock
  • new sensors can be used with old submersion S653 cables
  • electronic Interfaces: differential, unity gain & 4-20mA
  • low cost submersion and in-line versions available
Insertion specification known as wet-tap, insertion assembly, or hot-tap, these sensors may be side-mounted into tanks or installed in large diameter pressurised pipes. Use of a one inch full port ball valve allows removal without system shutdown. Because of its cost effective CPVC construction, the Sensorex insertion assembly allows pH/ ORP measurements to be made in pressurised tanks and main lines without having to use expensive stainless steel components. The insertion depth can be easily adjusted by the user to be positioned in a turbulent area of the tank or line. This will optimise the self-cleaning feature of the flat surface electrode. In abrasive applications, the electrode is usually positioned close to the pipe wall. This assembly is well suited for measurements in liquids with high suspended solids and for measurements in viscous liquids. The insertion assembly can be fully retracted through an optional one inch full port ball valve (Sensorex part number BV-1 ). The ball valve is then closed, isolating the electrode and holder from the pressurised system. This is accomplished without draining the tank or de-pressurising the line. The special electrode used in the insertion assembly allows it to be mounted in any position; for example, it can be mounted through the bottom of a tank with its measuring surface facing upward. The model S656CD pH is offered with HT gels for general or severe use. Also, special models are available for low ionic samples and samples containing acidic HF
sensorex pH ORP REDOX electrode
S8000 series pH/ ORP electrode platform
Next generation flat surface self-cleaning pH and ORP (REDOX) electrodes. Sensorex, has shaped the pH sensing industry as the leader in flat surface pH and ORP measurement technology with over 1 million sensors in service. The S8000 series flat surface self cleaning electrode platform is designed for versatility and flexibility. You purchase only the components you need, and can adapt what you have to changing installation needs or interface options.

The sensor utilises Sensorex’s proven flat surface self cleaning technology. The reference system has been enhanced with Sensorex’s ERP technology which provides a complex path which protects the reference in the presence of interacting ions such as proteins, silver and sulphides that interact with silver or chloride. Heavy duty high temperature reference gels offer protection against thermal breakdown of the gel. The same electrode is used for in-line or submersion applications made in a chemically resistant PPS body.

Current installed S650CD submersion installations utilising S653 or S653TC vintage cap/cables, can utilise an EA890 adapter to interface the new 8000 series sensor without replacing the original cable assembly. There are 2 choices for new submersion installations. A simple non TC submersion EA891 interface when no ATC is required.

For installations requiring solution grounds and/ or ATC (automatic temperature compensation), the main EA899TC interface should be used. In-line mounting is accomplished using the main EA899 or EA899TC adapter along with the FC800 flow cell. The main EA interface can be ordered with or without ATC
Sensorex pH/orp electride assembly
Sensorex modular build diagram
Low cost submersion and in-line process pH/ ORP electrodes
These high quality electrodes will provide excellent performance at a price that offers superior value. These electrodes may be used for general purpose applications. They are provided with the cables fixed and hard-wired to the electrode or with Sensorex popular cartridge style connections (series S222). The General Purpose pH electrodes are available with spherical or flat pH sensitive glass bulb designs. Choose either single or double junction construction. Fixed cables with threaded body Sensorex offers a complete line of NPT threaded pH electrodes in PPS bodies easily used for submersion or in-line installation
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