Walchem Conductivity Electrodes
Walchem cooling tower/ boiler controllers are a perfect match with Walchem's range of conductivity electrodes. Available as low cost CPVC contacting and non-contacting toroidal sensors, or stainless steel sensors for boiler applications
  • In-line or submersion mounting (non-boiler applications)
  • Easy installation & electrode replacement
  • Low cost CPVC sensor available for temperatures below 80 degree C
  • PEEK™ sensor construction provides excellent chemical resistance and with stands high temperature solutions, ideal for plating applications
  • Toroidal sensor technology eliminates contamination/ calibration issues that direct contacting sensors are prone to
Walchem cooling tower conductivity electrode
Low cost CPVC contacting sensor
Walchem cooling tower toroidal peek non-contacting conductivity electrode
Toroidal non-contacting PEEK sensor
Walchem cooling tower toroidal conductivity electrode
Toroidal non-contacting CVPC sensor
Walchem industrial boiler conductivity electrode
Boiler conductivity electrode rated to 250 PSI/ 200 degree C and can be located up to 250 feet from the controller
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General purpose contacting conductivity sensor, e.g. for RO systems, boiler condensate, etc
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