Iwaki Chemical Dosing Pump Range
Iwaki ES series dosing pumps
Low cost, on-off control only. Needs to be driven by an external powered device. Available with high compression head and/ or auto air vent), self primes in seconds, high speed operation (up to 360 strokes/min, 38 to 400 ml/ min, (24.0 l/ hr). manually adjustable stroke rate. VC version with ceramic valve balls & VH version with hastlelloy C276 valve balls, (for caustic)
Iwaki weather proof chemical dosing pump
Weatherproof (IP65) low cost, on-off control with display. Integrated pulse control (1 shot/pulse only) & stop function. Universal voltage. Available with high compression head and/ or auto air vent), self primes in seconds, high speed operation (up to 360 strokes/min) 1.14 to 12 l/hr. Manually adjustable stroke rate. VC version with ceramic valve balls & VH version with hastlelloy C276 valve balls, (for caustic). PVC & PVDF heads available
iwaki weatherproof digital chemical dosing pump
Weatherproof (IP65) analog/ digital dosing pump. Integrated control unit with proportional control, (external 0(4)-20 mA signal) & pulse control mode, (multiply or divide external pulses). 360 strokes per minute, double level stop function. Display and electronic adjustment of stroke rate. Universal power supply. ERA series - Auto air vent version (de-gassing). ERH series - High pressure version. ERV series - High viscosity
iwaki electronic chemical dosing pump
Main features equivalent to EWN-R pump with addition of Y module. Displays flow rate. Feed back control (EFS electronic flow sensor required). Discharge detection (FCP flow checker posiflow, or EFS required). Alarm & analog output. Available with GFRPP/ PVDF & SUS316 heads
ERA series - Auto air vent version (de-gassing)
ERH series - High pressure version
ERV series - High Viscosity
iwaki chlorine dioxide chemical dosing pump
Main features equivalent to EWN-R, designed for handling and delivery of chlorine dioxide. PVDF head combined with a unique designed diaphragm to ensure long service life Ideal for cooling towers, food processing equipment (CIP) and wastewater treatment
Anti-gas lock electromagnetic metering pump with revolutionary EFS flow sensor provides precise real-time flow monitoring, feedback & control. The pump constantly adjusts its speed to maintain the set dosing rate, even under changing temperature, viscosity or suction & discharge pressure conditions
iwaki large capacity cheical dosing pump
Large output capacity 75 l/hr, weatherproof analog/ digital dosing pump. High speed operation- up to 360 strokes /min, pressures from 30 to 150 psi, dual control with speed adjustment in 1 stroke/ minute increments, onboard microprocessor based control circuitry, two digital external input modes & four analog external input modes
iwaki high capacity chemical dosing pump
Weatherproof low to very high capacity with a three model range covering 0.0075 to 300 l/hr, up to 1000:1 turn down ratio with high accuracy delivery of + or - 1%, universal power supply, 1 MPa degassing ability & 1000 mPA•s max. viscosity
iwaki flow verification chemical dosing pump
The PosiFlow sensor will verify that your metering pump is truly moving liquid and has not lost prime. Designed for the Iwaki dosing series pumps, the PosiFlow detects the flow of liquid output by the pump. This is achieved without any moving parts. The standard flow path of the pump is preserved so the liquid does not have to go through any gears or move a magnet to actuate a pulse in the sensor. This eliminates any concern of plugging or jamming of the sensing mechanism
Iwaki Co. Ltd has over 50 years of pump design engineering excellence. Based in Tokyo, Iwaki (founded in 1956) has a world wide distribution network and three factories/ technical centres
  • the World's leading chemical pump manufacturer
  • wide-range specialist with high-mix, low volume setup minimise ownership costs
  • multi-voltage power source
  • high resolution
  • water-proof/ dust proof structure
  • advanced technical capabilities. Iwaki's greatest strength lies in research and development. Twenty percent of all Iwaki personnel are engaged in the development of new products
  • strength of quality control. Based on cell production methods, assembly to packaging is done at the same workstations with rigorous inspections at every process stage using the latest test equipment/ ISO9001 quality standards
  • Iwaki pumps self prime in seconds, with no operator action other than turning the pump on. This is achieved by superior valve design in conjunction with a uniquely engineered solenoid drive. The tightly guided ball check valves ensure a tight seal after each pulse, preventing loss of prime. A modular design enables change-out without having to replace the entire liquid end
  • the solenoid and pump housing are moulded together, (except EHE) making a structurally sound module which will last the life of the pump. The armature is supported at both ends, maximising stability and greatly increasing the bearing life
  • the pump drive is able to pulse upto 360 strokes per minute. 360 SPM is a significant advantage in automatic control situations. The in-line addition of chemical is more uniform, eliminating slug feed effects. This is high resolution chemical feed; more precise, more repeatable
  • capability for automatic control is standard on most Iwaki dosing pumps. The pumps are instrument friendly - able to easily interface with many controllers and peripherals
  • small and lightweight, they are ideal for OEM applications and can readily fit into established installations. The small size increases the length of the pump life, as the loads and forces are minimal
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