Walchem Intuition-6 Cu/Ni Plating Controller
The Intuition-6 series provides reliable, flexible and powerful control for your electroless plating or etching process. Measures copper, nickel, pH plus ORP, conductivity, or any sensor with a 4-20 mA signal
  • Large touchscreen display with icon based programming makes setup easy
  • Two sensor input slots provide extraordinary flexibility; the same controller can be used with almost any type of sensor needed
  • Copper or nickel plus pH
  • Dual analog inputs for any 4-20 mA transmitter
  • Universal analytical sensor card for pH/ORP, conductivity or disinfection
  • Combination analog input and analytical sensor input
  • Accurate and reliable photometric sensors
  • Six relay outputs, six virtual inputs, and six virtual outputs
  • Economical wall-mount package for easy installation
  • On-screen and web page graphing of sensor values and control output status
  • Email alarm messages, datalogs, graphs, or system summary reports
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