Brominators/ chlorinators for cooling tower & water feature disinfection (legionella, algae, etc.)
  • Range of sizes
  • Normal or high pressure models
  • Efficient
  • Maintenance free
  • Durable and corrosion-proof automatic brominators
  • Dial control valve allows control and adjustment of the feeding rate
  • ABS tank has high resistance to the heat generated inside the tank by corrosive agents
  • Safety automatic locking system
  • Easy-lock lid for total tightness
Hayward brominators
CL0200 4 Kg in-line brominator pressure rating 3.5 bar/ 50 psi
C0250 7 Kg brominator pressure rating 2 bar/ 30 psi
C0500 14 Kg brominator pressure rating 2 bar/ 30 psi
Hayward brominator
High pressure brominators (8 bar)
The Biomate series bromine feeder is a simple and effective method of controlling the dissolution of solid bromine tablets into cooling water systems. Available in either solid white or clear pvc. They have a large 3” inlet opening at the top for tablets. Units can withstand pressures up to 8.6 bar and temperatures up to 38 deg C.

Two sizes are available, 11Kg & 22 Kg; each having large 1” inlet/ outlet threaded female ports. They come supplied with a valve package consisting of a 1” inlet valve, union, 1/2” drain valve, bleed valve and pressure relief valve. A rotameter can be added as an optional extra.
High pressure brominator
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