AquaPheonix Scientific Web Based Electronic Log Book
eServiceReport web-based data warehouse for water treatment companies
  • No software needs to be downloaded
  • Internet Explorer 5.5+ and an Internet connection are the only requirements
  • Automatic updates/ new features
  • An intuitive, icon-based navigation system insures ease of use
  • Site presentation and data is fully customised to each individual user
  • Walchem controller data logs may be compared with Service Report and Operator Log test results
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual product usage may be reviewed
  • Reported test results are easily graphed and compared
  • Advanced online elution studies and water meter reporting
  • Receive alarm notifications
  • Automated emails for out of range results, and/or Inventory level set point
  • Colour-coded control limits provide an easy indication of test results
  • Test results are easily graphed & trended
  • Saved reports provide an overview of time spent and work performed
eServiceReport effectively replaces the traditional pencil and paper binder used by most water treatment companies. Your company's employees and their customers' can access a dedicated data warehouse by simply using a standard browser such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer. No proprietary software is required. Once they are logged in, users can both create and view multiple report types, graph test results, view Walchem controller data and access product safety information (MSDS)/ training files/ site layouts, photographs, etc. eServiceReport is intuitive, using an icon based navigation system for ease of use. Multiple layer's of password protection allow eServiceReport access to be tailored to the needs of each individual logging on to the site. Limit access to one system, one building, one site, multiple sites and then multiple companies. View only, enable graphing functions/ data comparison and allow various levels of data input. Any functions not available to a user will automatically drop out of the browser window, avoiding any confusion or confidentiality issues. The electronic log book date/ time stamps and tracks all information entered beyond draft level. Logged primary data is held securely, the altering/ deleting of previously entered data is not possible ensuring data integrity. Successful email delivery and drawdown status is logged. eServiceReport allows the user to process test results from both service reports and operator logs. These can be trended against automatically downloaded data from Walchem controllers. With this technology, eServiceReport takes the water treatment industry into the Internet Era. Updates and new features appear automatically, no dedicated software to download, automated alarms via SMS-compatible mobile phone, PDA or to any desired email address, automatic inventory level alarms if below designated reorder point.
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