Trace Dye Fluorometer (PTSA/ fluorescien sensor)
  • Simple calibration with the WebMasterONE
  • Simple installation; supplied with pre-wired isolator
  • Provides better control of treatment chemicals
  • Solid-state LED/ photodiode technology, no moving parts
  • Typical sensitivity to less than 1 ppb
  • Available with quick-disconnect watertight connector
Inhibitor with PTSA or fluorescein fluorescent dye in the formulation makes it easy for Walchem 600 series or WebMasters' to measure and control inhibitor concentration using the Little Dipper sensor. The accurate, single channel, light industrial fluorometer installs directly into process streams. It provides an analog signal output proportional to the concentration of the fluorophore being measured. A rugged, 24/7 sampling device with minimal maintenance and solid state reliability. It can be used with data collection systems such as the W600 series or WebMasterONE to monitor and control the level of treatment chemicals for cooling tower and boiler applications. The Opti-Check is a small, lightweight, highly durable handheld fluorometer ideal for quick measurements in the field. Dual channel capability enables measurement for both cooling tower and boiler system applications. Simple to operate, the Opti-Check is a perfect tool for system verification.
Fluorescein hand held meter
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