pH/ ORP simulator for trouble shooting treatment systems/ equipment
  • find defective system component
  • easy to use
  • save money and time
  • optional cable assemblies available with different connector choices
pH ORP simulator
The Sensorex pH/ ORP simulator will help you to easily troubleshoot problems with your pH and or ORP control systems. Quickly identify which component in the system is causing your difficulty. pH/ ORP control loops can be difficult to troubleshoot, unless you have the right tools. For years, the typical customer when faced with a pH/ ORP error on his display will replace the old electrode.  The old probe is tossed into the waste bin and a fresh electrode installed.  If this solved the problem, all is well. If the user does not have a spare probe on hand, a new one may have to be shipped overnight at considerable expense. If the replacement probe does NOT solve the problem, time and money has been wasted. The Sensorex pH/ ORP simulates a perfect pH or ORP electrode. The technician selects a pH signal (4, 7 or 10) or a ORP (+/- 700 mv) outputs and connects the simulator to the cable assembly.

The model C110 simulator verifies pH and incorporates +/- 700 mV outputs to verify ORP/REDOX instruments. This is an ideal unit for full pH and ORP/REDOX field trouble shooting. The compact case uses a water-resistant rubber key pad that feels nice to the touch. Impedance loaded or no load signals may be generated with this unit. Included with the checker is a CX2 interconnect cable with BNC connector. Accessory model CX2 cables with a wide variety of connectors are sold separately.
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