Solenoid Valves
  • Standard low cost model normally closed and zero pressure operation
  • Select from three sizes; 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch
  • Normally closed versions also available
  • Set at any angle for easy installation
  • Simple powered analogue timers available which can provide direct solenoid control, if a full Walchem controller is not necessary
  • Belimo rotary actuator for 2 and 3-way control of valves. Select from three sizes; half, three quarter and one inch
Our standard solenoid configuration is normally closed and zero pressure operation. Normally open solenoid valves are available, please specify when ordering. The valves have fully interchangeable coils which can be set at any angle for easy installation/ access. Stainless steel construction with magnetic materials in Carpenter's chrome core stainless steel offering increased corrosion resistance over longer periods of time. 240V analogue timers are available to directly control solenoid valves, either 0.5-10 secs on/ 0.5-45 mins off, or 1-60 mins on/1-60 mins off.
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Belimo rotary actuator for 2 and 3-way (control) valves. Torque 5 Nm AC100-240 V. Control: open/close or 3-point. Running time motor 90s/ 90°. IP 54 rated. Manual override temporary/ permanent. Connection cable length = 1 m. Mechanical position indicator. For valves with female thread (ISO 7/1)
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