Iwaki GM-V gear pumps

Iwaki DM-G Pump

Crafted with corrosion-resistant materials, the GM-V ensures durability and reliability, idesigned to handle corrosive chemicals

The GM-V's internal gear design prevents liquid coming in to contact with metallic components, while the magnetic drive mechanism prevents leaks. These features are designed for handling corrosive chemicals like acids and alkalis. With its pulsation-free operation and precise discharge output, the GM-V is perfectly tailored for metering injection.

Sealless, highly corrosion-resistant design

All pump components in contact with the liquid are made of PVC, silicon carbide and fluorine resin, all of which are resistant to most acids and alkalis. The pump uses no seals, which eliminates the risk of leaks.

High-durability ceramic gears

The GM-V's ceramic gears are highly resistant to abrasion, galling and seizure, ensuring reliable high-speed operation.

Pulsation-free and precise discharge control

The GM-V causes no pulsation of liquid in high-speed operation. Discharge is proportional to the pump’s rpm speed, which can be precisely controlled by an inverter (frequency converter), thereby allowing liquid metering, transfer and other treatments.


Key information

MAX FLOWMAX pressureMain MaterialTemp range
23 L/min
0.5 MPa
0 to 50°C

Typical applications

  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water treatment
  • Semiconductor
  • Food & beverage
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Laboratory & research
  • Oil & gas
The versatility of the Iwaki GM-V pump means it can find applications in many other industries and processes where precise and reliable fluid transfer is necessary.



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