The Sensys range of accessories will support the creation of your process systems

At Sensys Ltd we supply accessories to support the efficiency of our product ranges and include chemical storage tanks/bunds, tank level sensors, solenoid valves, water meters, brominators, chlorinators, pH/ ORP simulators, PTSA standards, and corrosion racks.

  • Aquamotion Multijet Water Meter

    Aquamotion Multijet
    Threaded water meter

  • Aquamotion Woltman Water Meter

    Aquamotion Woltman
    Flanged water meter

  • Hayward Brominators

    Hayward brominators
    Low pressure chlorinators and brominators

  • Vector Biomate 2000 Series

    Vector Biomate 2000
    High pressure chlorinators and brominators

  • Aquaphoenix Aliquot

    Aquaphoenix Aliquot
    Electronic logbook for water quality testing & tracking

  • Walchem Fluent

    Cloud-based software
    Walchem water treatment management software

  • Ssensys Corrosion Racks

    Sensys corrosion racks
    For cooling towers and closed loop systems

  • Sensys Injection Quills

    Injection quills
    For boiler applications

  • Solenoid Valves

    Sensys solenoid valves
    Full range of brass, nickel plated and motorised

  • Dosing tanks and bunds

    Dosing tanks & bunds
    Round or rectangular in a range of capacities from 25 to 1,000 litres.

  • Sensorex C110

    Sensorex C110
    Calibrate or check calibration of pH or ORP (mV) meter

  • Calbox MB
    Calibrate modbus sensors

  • SSRE
    Convert analog sensors into Smart Sensors

  • Pyxis FR-300

    Motorised brush flow assembly for cleaning of the ST-765SS series

  • Pyxis MA Series

    MA Series
    Inline BlueTooth® 5.0 wireless adapters

  • Pyxis MA Series

    Pyxis PowerPACK series BlueTooth® auxiliary adapters

  • Pyxis FS-100

    State-of-the-art ultrasonic flowmeters

  • PTSA Calibration Solutions

    PTSA calibration solutions
    Calibrate quickly. Ensure accuracy.

  • EM805-EC
    Functions as a blind conductivity transmitter

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