A Bluetooth® auxiliary adapter designed to provide additional power and wireless communication to inline sensors

The Pyxis PowerPACK series Bluetooth auxiliary adapters are uniquely designed to provide additional power budget and wireless communication to drive Pyxis inline sensors to a receiving microprocessor controller, PLC or DCS with limited power supply. Offered in a single-channel, dual-channel and four-channel format, this auxiliary adapter has a built-in power supply with 20-Watt capability.


Each PowerPACK is integrated with built-in Bluetooth 5.0 interface, allowing users to wirelessly pair to all Pyxis sensors connected with the uPyxis APP for Mobile Devices and Desktop for real-time diagnosis, calibration and configuration.


PowerPACK auxiliary adapters can be utilised in 100VAC to 240VAC power format, with direct outlet plug-in design. PowerPACK-1 offers a single channel input and output quick adapter cable, containing 4-20mA interface, while PowerPACK-2 and PowerPACK-4 extends this capability to two and four individual input and output connection adapters. Additionally, PowerPACK-2 and PowerPACK-4 both offer RS-485 signal passthrough for all Pyxis sensors connected. Each input is specifically designed for direct connection to standard (7-Pin) Pyxis inline sensors and output is designed to be connected to the Pyxis standard (7-Pin) flying lead cable provided with the PowerPACK unit, then terminated to the receiving controller. The sensor input glands (side of box) and 4-20mA / RS-485 signal output glands (top of box) are mapped one-to-one by the numbered labels. Conversion adapters for Pyxis 5Pin and 8Pin sensors are also available allowing PowerPACK to be used with all Pyxis sensor formats.


  • Power supply and connection of up to 4 Pyxis sensors
  • 4-20mA signal output of up to 4 Pyxis Sensors to any controller
  • RS-485 signal passthrough also provided in PowerPACK-2 & PowerPACK-4
  • Bluetooth version 5.0 for wireless sensor diagnosis, calibration and configuration via uPyxis app
  • Broad range external power input (100-240V AC)
  • ABS enclosure with IP-54 protection


Key information

PowerPack 1PowerPack 2PowerPack 4
1 input
2 inputs
4 inputs
1 output
2 outputs
4 outputs

Typical applications

The Pyxis PowerPACK Series are ideal for use in process or water treatment applications with using Pyxis inline sensors and microprocessor controllers which may be limited to <1.5watt power supply per analog input channel. With ease of installation in mind, PowerPACK was designed to be rapidly deployed for single or multiple Pyxis sensor applications requiring extra power and Bluetooth interface for uPyxis app use.

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