Pyxis corrosion sensors

Pyxis RT-100 PRISM Inline Refractometer

High pressure & high temperature, affordable sensor for general and localised corrosion rate monitoring

The CR-301 corrosion rate sensor is ideal for cooling and process water monitoring. In addition to being reliable and affordable the sensor utilises the linear polarisation resistance (LPR) method to produce a raw signal. The raw signal is conditioned, amplified and digitised inside the sensor. Moreover, this avoids interference from the raw signal caused by long distance wiring. Our corrosion sensors measure sample water conductivity directly. The sensors also measure electrochemical noise. The measured noise data is used to calculate an index to quantify the localised corrosion rate, also referred to as pitting.


  • Anti-Electromagnetic Interface (anti-EMI) design with titanium sensor body
  • RS-485 Modbus output
  • 2x 4–20mA outputs (general & localised corrosion)
  • Integrated cooling fin design for high temperature applications
  • Bluetooth® connectivity to uPyxis® App when used with the MA-CR adapter
  • Default 4–20mA output scales and alloy factors assigned for selected metallurgy via uPyxis®
  • Customisation of alloy factor and upper MPY/Index (20mA) scale as desired via uPyxis®
  • Ultra-low general corrosion rate detection down to 0.001MPY


Typical applications

  • High temperature applications
  • High pressure applications
  • Geothermal – process
  • District energy – heating
  • Oil & gas – process & produced water

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