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We take pride in being the trusted partner of water and liquid transfer/ treatment professionals across the UK. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver outstanding service and unparalleled experience to our valued customers. With our dedicated team always on standby, we ensure the highest quality of service and on-demand technical support, addressing every need promptly, regardless of the day or time.

Our team stands out with its extensive knowledge and expertise covering the entire spectrum of the product ranges we distribute and supply on behalf of our manufacturing partners. This depth of understanding guarantees that we provide the highest quality solutions, meticulously tailored to meet unique requirements in a wide range of specialist markets. We don't just offer products; we deliver a personalised service to each customer, going above and beyond to anticipate every need and preference.

Sensys Ltd has fostered a global network of training and support, empowering our team to offer the best and most efficient solutions to water and liquid transfer/ treatment professionals across the UK. Recognising the dynamic nature and challenges within these industries, our proactive approach ensures that we stay at the forefront, delivering cutting-edge technical solutions that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations.

Founded on expertise, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Sensys Ltd is here to support our customers every step of the way. Experience the Sensys Ltd difference – where quality seamlessly meets commitment.
    • After Sales Support

      After Sales Support

      Our commitment goes beyond the purchase of products. From the initial installation and setup to system changes, upgrades and troubleshooting, Sensys provides comprehensive, ongoing support for our entire range.

      Benefit from our extensive experience in the industry, depth of product knowledge, and personal expertise as we support you through any challenges and tailored solutions advice required. At Sensys, we understand that support should be continuous, evolve with your needs and the dynamic nature of technology.

      Our unique advantage lies in direct access and communications with experts across our global partner network. This means you not only benefit from our in-house knowledge but also tap into a wealth of insights from specialists around the world.

      The team are available by email or telephone to provide real-time and pre-planned maintenance support; even if customers are in the field.
    • Product Training

      Product Training - Onsite or Virtually

    • Custom Builds

      Custom Build Fully Integrated Solutions

      We redefine simplicity and flexibility in on site process treatment/ monitoring solutions across a wide range of applications. Our plug-and-play system ensures a rapid installation process – just bring in electrical power, flow and return, and the system is ready to run.

      For Cooling Towers, Disinfection, Closed Loop, Industrial Boilers and Corrosion monitoring systems we offer standard layouts that serve as a solid foundation but can be customised to meet the unique needs of any client site. We tailor the size of boards, connections, and layout to achieve optimal performance and ease of installation. Saving you money, resources and time.

      Our comprehensive solution includes pumps that can be wired and seamlessly integrated onto the board. Beyond standard configurations, we offer additional features such as mains power isolation, corrosion-resistant serpentines, y-strainers, and a variety of bleed/brominator control options to enhance functionality.

      Controllers are delivered with a standard setup sheet, providing clarity on operations. However, we understand that each site is unique. That's why our controllers can be preconfigured according to any specific requirements.

      We take pride in using industry-leading PVCu components for injection points, non-return valves, and isolation valves. This ensures durability, reliability, and performance in every aspect of our Custom build solutions.
    • Integration & Product Advice

      Integration & Product Advice

      We're committed to guiding customers through every step of the process, ensuring all decisions made are informed and support the selected criteria to deliver the best solution.

      Our approach begins with assessing pump requirements, material transfer, ATEX approval, sensor suitability and controller algorithms to deliver optimal system control either for an integrated solution or a one-off product purchase.

      At Sensys, staying ahead is our priority. We proactively seek top-level product training directly from our partners to ensure that we provide the most up-to-date advice. This means that we understand the latest innovation and measurement parameters for controllers, sensors and pumps, and have the ability to deliver the best solution for any scale of project. Our goal is to empower our customers with the best tools for accurate and efficient control.

      When it comes to pump selection, our extensive range of IWAKI pumps allows us to tailor the perfect pump for any specific requirements. Whether it's output, pressure, or media compatibility, we have the expertise to match the right pump to your needs.

    • Repairs & Servicing

      Repairs & Services

      Our product range whilst extensive, are renowned for the durability and mechanical design.

      For Walchem product range we advise regularly visiting the software upgrade options on their website, as this may provide a simple solution should you be encountering a problem.

      We always advise contacting our Helpline on 01438 759595 immediately should an issue arise, as one of our Sensys experts may be able to troubleshoot the problem.

      Click to find out more about specialist repairs and servicing for IWAKI, Walchem, Sensorex and Pyxis products ranges.



    Onsite training

    We offer customised training at either your company location or our Bedfordshire facility. Our goal is to maximise the efficiency for your engineering team during troubleshooting, ultimately minimising downtime. We concentrate on installation, product connectivity, and maintenance. For more information, please contact us and outline your team's specific needs.

    Virtual training

    In a fast-paced environment, we recognise the value of bite-sized training, especially when project teams are dispersed onsite or across different locations. To minimise time away from facilities, we provide intensive product training through video conferencing. For further details, please contact us and outline your team's specific needs.

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    Technical Support Hotline

    Feel free to contact our team for technical assistance while on-site or as needed by calling our hotline: 01438 759 595.

    Our team is available to troubleshoot via remote access or guide you through the implementation of the solution by telephone or video link. Feel confident calling us anytime, as we are here to provide the support you need.

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    Great companies begin with great people. At Sensys, we take pride in our highly dedicated employees and the commitment they bring to delivering outstanding solutions to our customers.

    Harness the team's expertise and know-how, boasting over 80 years of combined experience and advanced, dependable knowledge.

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