System Maintenance

System maintenance is crucial for monitoring and enhancing accuracy to maintain your systems at their peak performance while minimising the need for upkeep during critical application runs. Our product range is specifically designed to optimise efficiency, calibration, and analysis.

As the use of pumps, controllers, and sensors becomes more widespread in UK industry applications, Sensys Ltd are the leaders in providing solutions for system upkeep. Our product range integrates to actively monitor the system's capacity to provide services, document issues for analysis, implement corrective, adaptive, perfective, and preventive actions, and verify restored functionality.

  • Intuition-9
    Powerful control and flexible programming

  • Intuition-6
    Unparalleled versatility for control of chemical metering pumps

  • Intuition-6Cu/Ni
    Large touchscreen display with icon based programming

  • W100
    Plug into more in water treatment control

  • Walchem Fluent

    Cloud-based software
    Amplifies controllers with internet access

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    Real-time monitoring of inhibitor dose, accurate & robust

  • Pyxis ST-590 Inline Sensor

    Measures for Fluorescent Polymer at a range of 0–20ppm

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    HM-500 Series
    Measures for Oil in Water at a range of 0-10ppm

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    High range robust, conductivity sensor, for industrial applications

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    Extended range, robustly built for industrial applications

  • Pyxis RT-100 Inline Sensor

    Inline digital refractometer, measures refractive index

  • Pyxis RT-200 Inline Sensor

    Measures the refractive index a highly accurate reading

  • Pyxis CR-200 Inline Sensor

    Measure wirelessly for general and localised corrosion rate

  • Pyxis CR-300 Inline Sensor

    General and localised corrosion rate at a scale of 0.001–10MPY.

  • Pyxis CR-301 Inline Sensor

    High pressure & high temperature, affordable, corrosion rate measure

  • Pyxis ST-730 Inline Sensor

    Inline turbidimeter that measures for NTU at a range of 0–100

  • Pyxis ST-73X Inline Sensors

    Ultra-Low, warm white, inline turbidity sensors

  • Walchem LPR Corrosion Sensor

    Corrosion Sensors
    Monitor corrosion in industrial systems

  • Pyxis SP-200 Handheld Meters

    Colorimeter measures ALL common oxidising biocides & disinfectants

  • Pyxis SP-350 Handheld Meters

    Direct concentration measurement of PTSA

  • Pyxis SP-600 Handheld Meters

    Water multimeter & colorimeter in ONE measuring 5 key parameters

  • Pyxis SP-710 Handheld Meters

    Water multimeter & colorimeter in ONE measuring 6 key parameters

  • Pyxis SP-800 Handheld Meters

    Multi-parameter & multi-wavelength colorimeter and turbidimeter

  • Pyxis SP-910 Handheld Meters

    Parameter/ wavelength fluorometer, colorimeter & turbidimeter

  • Pyxis LS-200 Series

    LS-200 Series
    Super Simple Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor

  • Pyxis LS-202

    Super Simple Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor

  • Pyxis MA Series

    MA Series

    Inline Bluetooth 5.0 wireless adapters

  • Pyxis MA Series

    Pyxis PowerPACK series BlueTooth® auxiliary adapters

  • Pyxis MA Series

    Calbox MB
    Calibrate all integrated sensors

  • SSRE
    Convert analog sensors into Smart Sensors

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