Pyxis ST-500

Real-time PTSA monitoring of inhibitor dose with its extreme accuracy and proven robustness

The ST-500 Series inline sensor platform is a proprietary design for the direct measurement of PTSA (Pyrenetetrasulphonic Acid, CAS# 59572-10-0) ultilsing LED UV light sources (365nm ex/ 410nm em) for use in industrial cooling water and process treatment applications.


The ST-500 series offer Pyxis Lab® proprietary algorithms to determine the concentrations of PTSA while measuring sample turbidity and colour in highly contaminated waters (i.e. ≤150NTU and 10ppm Fe) for internal compensation. The ST-500 series offers a combination of 4–20mA as well as RS-485 Modbus output signals and is Bluetooth® enabled for wireless cleanliness diagnostics and calibration when used with the MA-WB or PowerPACK Series of Bluetooth® adapters and the uPyxis® mobile and desktop app.

The ST-500 Series is provided in CPVC with the standard Pyxis Lab® ST-001 inline 3/4in FNPT tee assembly, 5ft bulk-head cable with quick adapter and 1.5ft flying lead cable with quick adapter, enabling rapid wiring to any microprocessor controller, PLC or DCS system. The ST-500SS is offered in 304L Stainless Steel with 3/4in FNPT ports for high pressure applications.


The ST-500 is now available in a new model for compatibility with existing industry known tee assemblies.

The ST-500W fits perfectly into WALCHEM® and other industry-known tee assemblies.

Product information



Product Range

ProductOutput ScaleMax rangeAccuracyInstallation
0-200 ppb
0-300 ppb
±1 ppb
ST-001 tee inc
0-200 ppb
0–300 ppb
±1 ppb
3/4inch FNPT
ST-500 SS
0-200 ppb
0-300 ppb
±1 ppb
3/4" thread
ST-500: CPVC
Low cost CPCC contacting sensor
ST-500SS: Steel
Toroidal non-contacting PEEK sensor
ST-500W: Walchem compatible
Low cost CPCC contacting sensor
ST-100: Tee
Low cost CPCC contacting sensor

Typical applications

For use in industrial cooling water and process treatment applications.

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