Why choose the Iwaki TC-X?

Built for power | Built to last
Iwaki TC-X Series
Iwaki  looped-C spool
Iwaki  looped-C spool
Iwaki  looped-C spool

The heart of the pump - looped c-spool air valve

A groundbreaking spring design employs sturdier, lightweight materials to achieve a more seamless stroke while reducing the wear and tear on all spool components. It's fully compatible with C-Spool model pumps, ensuring interchangeability.

  • Increases performance
  • Improved reliability
  • Extended life expectancy
  • External design for easy access

Non-leak body

Eliminate alignment and leaking issues associated with band clamp-style pumps.
Complete bolted design:

Fully machined surfaces:

Glass filled reinforced plastic options:
• No leakage
• Easy maintenance by one person

• Simple to seal with O-ring or gasket

• Protection against frequent temperature changes
Iwaki TC-X non-leak body

Reset button - no hammer needed

All OADD's stall from time to time, the Iwaki C-Loop system greatly reduces stalling, to further improve efficiency Iwaki have engineered an accessible, reset button.

No lubricants required - low maintenance, high value

  • Clean, environmentally friendly design
  • Engineered to eliminate metal on metal
  • Lubricant free operation extends the life of all air motor parts

The best pilot valve system in the industry

Renowned for their extended lifespan and minimal resistance which can be attributed to the absence of contact with fluids and gases:
  • Spring loaded
  • Effortlessly replaceable
  • No mechanical seals

Portable powder transfer

Specially designed and engineered AODD powder transfer pumps are used to effectively transfer very fine, dry and low bulk powders safely, cleanly, and economically. Powder pumps create a safe, efficient and dust-free work environment. They can eliminate the need for intensive physical labour & heavy lifting. A cost-effective replacement for all types of powder augers, mechanical conveyors, screw feeders and pneumatic conveying systems.
  • 100% pneumatic operation
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Comes fitted with a compressed air induction system
  • Compact & robust construction
  • Wide and sturdy base
  • Outside accessible air motor
  • 100% non-lubricated air motor
  • Designed for high performance operation & long life expectancy

The Air EcoRing

When installed, can decrease actual air volume requirements by up to 25% with no decrease in liquid low rates. (Compared to old equivalent model pump) (average 16%)
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