Aquaphoneix Aliquot platform

Aquaphoneix Aliquot platform

Water quality testing & tracking - comprehensive reporting gives you full control of your operations

A cloud-based platform that streamlines and centralizes data collection and unlocks the full potential of customized, shareable reporting. Aliquot integrates with your enterprise software and will deliver enhanced features for end-to-end operations management.

Make faster decisions with centralised data

Gain valuable insights into critical parameters, systems, and installations and anticipate problems before they occur. Demonstrate the effectiveness of your treatment plan and provide your customers with improved system overviews.

Consistent reporting for better insight

Create standard templates and enjoy the benefits of transparency and compliance from all your reps and customers. Generate service reports, equipment surveys, site audits, inspection checklists and other compliance documentation with unique names, layouts and data entry options for your business needs. Clone and modify templates for quick set up of new accounts.

Controller Compatibility

Graph and trend data entered from reps, customers and external devices for complete end-to-end integration of your operations.

  • Report-generated email alarms bring peace of mind
  • Simplified and customisable reporting
  • Track water and energy usage
  • Manage inventory


  • Water treatment
  • Food & beverage
  • Cleaning & sanitation
  • Metal working fluids
  • Oil & gas
  • General industrial
  • Waste water
  • Power



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