Your source for cutting-edge sensors from Walchem, Pyxis & Sensorex

Sensys Ltd provides the best in class sensors for all water quality needs, specialising in the distribution of pH electrodes, ORP electrodes, conductivity and TDS sensors, and other electrochemical and optical measurement technologies.

  • Walchem WEL series pH ORP electrode

    Contacting conductivity
    Low cost CPCV or stainless steel

  • Pyxis ST-720

    High range conductivity
    Smart and robust for industrial applications

  • Pyxis ST-725 Inline Sensor

    Ultra-low conductivity
    Designed for pure and ultra-pure water applications

  • High temp conductivity
    Stainless steel for high pressure & temperatures

  • Walchem WEL series pH ORP electrode

    Differential pH/ORP
    Cost effective for industrial applications

  • Sensorex pH/ORP systems
    Digital communication for more process visibility

  • Walchem disinfection sensors

    Non-membrane disinfection
    For high pressure, high temperature applications

  • Walchem disinfection sensors

    Membrane disinfection
    Cost effective & reliable amperometric disinfection sensors

  • Pyxis ST-765ss Inline Sensor

    Oxidiser disinfection
    Measure free chlorine, chlorine dioxide or pH content in water

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    Bleach/chlorine dioxide
    Measure the optical density of bleach or chlorine dioxide

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    Real-time monitoring of inhibitor dose, accurate & robust

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    PTSA & tagged polymer
    Dual inline sensor for industrial cooling water applications

  • Pyxis ST-590 Inline Sensor

    Tagged polymer
    Inline sensor for industrial cooling water applications

  • Pyxis ST-772 Series

    DO: Pressure & temp comp
    Measures DO, incorporating pressure and temperature compensation

  • Pyxis ST-773

    DO: Temp compensation
    Measures DO, incorporating temperature compensation

  • Pyxis ST-774

    Ultra low range DO
    Robust, measuring oxygen partial pressure vs dissolved oxygen

  • Submersible DO
    Accurate DO monitoring with large capacity for long term deployment

  • Inline DO
    Economical & durable DO sensor

  • Pyxis CR-200 Inline Sensor

    General and localised corrosion measurements instantaneously

  • Pyxis CR-301 Inline Sensor

    High pressure/temp corrosion
    High pressure & high temperature, affordable, corrosion rate measure

  • Walchem LPR Corrosion Sensor

    Low cost corrosion
    Cost effective corrosion sensor for use with Intuition 6 only

  • Pyxis HM-500

    Oil in water
    Measures for oil in water at a range of 0-10ppm

  • Pyxis ST-590 Inline Sensor

    PTSA & turbidity
    Utilising both LED UV and warm white light sources

  • Pyxis ST-730 Inline Sensor

    Inline turbidity
    More robust, tolerant to fouling inline turbidimeter

  • Pyxis ST-73X Inline Sensors

    Ultra-low turbidity sensors
    For Drinking & Industrial Water Applications

  • Vegaplus_c11

    Radar level sensor
    IP66/IP68, for simple measuring tasks

  • Pyxis LS-202

    Ultrasonic liquid level sensors
    built to handle dirty, sticky and scaling liquids

  • Walchem Point Level Sensor

    Point level sensor
    Level switch for controllers & metering pumps

  • Pyxis refractometer

    Measures the refractive index with a highly accurate reading

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