Your Source for Cutting-Edge Sensors from Walchem, Pyxis & Sensorex

Sensys Ltd provides the best in class sensors for all water quality needs, specialising in the distribution of pH electrodes, ORP electrodes, conductivity and TDS sensors, and other electrochemical and optical measurement technologies.

  • Walchem WEL series pH ORP electrode

    Conductivity Electrodes
    Low cost CPCV or stainless steel

  • Walchem WEL series pH ORP electrode

    WEL Series pH/ORP
    Cost effective for industrial applications

  • Walchem disinfection sensors

    Disinfection Sensors
    Non-membrane: easy chemical and oxidiser detection

  • Walchem disinfection sensors

    Disinfection Sensors
    Membrane: easy chemical and oxidiser detection

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    Real-time monitoring of inhibitor dose, accurate & robust

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    ST-600 Series
    Measures the real-time mass/mass concentration of bleach

  • Pyxis ST-772 Series

    ST-772 Series
    Measures the dissolved oxygen content in water

  • Pyxis ST-773

    ST-773 Series
    Inexpensive optical luminescent DO sensor

  • Pyxis ST-774

    Measures oxygen partial pressure vs dissolved oxygen

  • Pyxis ST-720

    High range robust, conductivity sensor, for industrial applications

  • Pyxis ST-726

    Extended range, robustly built for industrial applications

  • Pyxis ST-725 Inline Sensor

    Industrial-grade, inline ultra-low conductivity sensor

  • Pyxis ST-728

    Ultra-low conductivity sensor for pure & ultra-pure water applications

  • Pyxis ST-765ss Inline Sensor

    Stainless steel multi-parameter membrane-less sensors

  • Pyxis CR-200 Inline Sensor

    Measure wirelessly for general and localised corrosion rate

  • Pyxis CR-300 Inline Sensor

    General and localised corrosion rate at a scale of 0.001–10MPY

  • Pyxis CR-301 Inline Sensor

    High pressure & high temperature, affordable, corrosion rate measure

  • S651
    Reference electrode ruggedly made and easy to use

  • S8000CD-ORP
    Reliable online ORP monitoring

  • S150
    Good performance and at good value

  • CS675
    For high pressure & temperatures

  • EM805-EC
    Functions as a blind conductivity transmitter

  • DO1200
    Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors

  • S272-CD
    pH sensors with digital communication

  • ITCS3020
    General purpose noryl toroidal conductivity sensor

  • CS300
    Process graphite contacting conductivity sensor

  • DO6400
    Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor

  • EM805
    Sensores solution for connecting S8000 series

  • Pyxis RT-100 Inline Sensor

    Inline digital refractometer, measures refractive index

  • Pyxis RT-200 Inline Sensor

    Measures the refractive index a highly accurate reading

  • Pyxis ST-730 Inline Sensor

    Inline turbidimeter that measures for NTU at a range of 0–100

  • Pyxis ST-73X Inline Sensors

    Ultra-Low, warm white, inline turbidity sensors

  • Pyxis ST-590 Inline Sensor

    Measures for fluorescent polymer at a range of 0–20ppm

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    Measures both PTSA (0–200ppb) and fluorescent polymer (0–20ppm)

  • Pyxis HM-500

    HM-500 Series
    Measures for oil in water at a range of 0-10ppm

  • Calbox MB
    Calibrate modbus sensors

  • SSRE
    Convert analog sensors into Smart Sensors

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