Water disinfection is crucial for maintaining its optimal quality for various commercial and residential needs. Following filtration, water treatment plants often introduce one or more chemical disinfectants to eliminate any remaining parasites, bacteria, or viruses, ensuring its suitability for use.

Sensys Ltd has seen the evolution and improvement of chemical specific probes as the demand for water continues to rise, and can offer a range of sensors and controllers to monitor and control in many environments and conditions, from clean water to high pressure and turbid applications.

  • Intuition-9
    Powerful control and flexible programming

  • Intuition-6
    Unparalleled versatility for control of chemical metering pumps

  • Intuition-6Cu/Ni
    Large touchscreen display with icon based programming

  • W100
    Plug into more in water treatment control

  • Walchem WEL series pH ORP electrode

    WEL Series pH/ORP
    Cost effective for industrial applications

  • Walchem disinfection sensors

    Disinfection Sensors
    Non-membrane: easy chemical and oxidiser detection

  • Walchem disinfection sensors

    Disinfection Sensors
    Membrane: easy chemical and oxidiser detection

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    ST-600 Series
    Measures the Real-Time Mass/Mass Concentration of Bleach

  • Pyxis ST-765ss Inline Sensor

    Stainless steel multi-parameter membrane-less sensors

  • Pyxis FR-300

    Motorised brush flow assembly for cleaning of the ST-765SS Series

  • Pyxis MA Series

    MA Series

    Inline Bluetooth 5.0 wireless adapters

  • Pyxis MA Series

    Pyxis PowerPACK series BlueTooth® auxiliary adapters

  • S651
    Reference Electrode ruggedly made and easy to use

    Ergonomic, lightweight, and simple to use

    Reliable UVT measurements for UV disinfection

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