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Sensys are the distributor for Walchem controllers and sensors in the UK

Walchem is a leading manufacturer of online analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps. They provide the integration of sensor, pump and electronic technologies for chemical control. Providing innovative solutions by integrating instruments, sensors, fluid handling, and extensive remote data communications technologies.

Holliston Massachusetts based Walchem lead the way in designing, manufacturing, and delivering innovative and dependable water treatment solutions worldwide. Their extensive product and service portfolio encompass pH/ORP controllers, water treatment controllers, metering pumps, and much more. With a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Walchem take pride in engineering products that excel in meeting the rigorous demands of the industrial and commercial water treatment market.

  • Intuition-9
    Powerful control with 24 inputs & 12 outputs

  • Intuition-6
    Remote communication with 4 inputs & 6 outputs

  • Intuition-6Cu/Ni
    Measures copper, nickel, pH plus ORP & conductivity

  • W100
    1 sensor input & 3 control outputs, wall mount design

  • Walchem Fluent

    Cloud-based software
    Amplifies controllers with internet access

  • Walchem WEL series pH ORP electrode

    WEL Series pH/ORP
    Cost effective for industrial applications

  • Walchem WEL series pH ORP electrode

    Conductivity Electrodes
    Low cost CPCV or stainless steel

  • Walchem disinfection sensors

    Non-membrane Disinfection Sensors: For high pressure, high temperature applications

  • Walchem disinfection sensors

    Disinfection Sensors
    Membrane: easy chemical and oxidiser detection

  • Walchem LPR Corrosion Sensor

    Corrosion Sensors
    Monitor corrosion in industrial systems

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