Effective field monitoring is crucial, and the demand for real-time data is increasingly essential for accurate measurements of chemicals and water pressure in cooling towers. The range we offer is suitable for a wide variety of industries using cooling towers to support production and systems.

Ensuring the safety of water in both residential and commercial environments is inherently crucial. Sensys Ltd provides the best-in-class portable handheld devices designed for on-site water chemistry testing. Our user-friendly devices offer clear visual data on water sample analysis, meeting the necessary industry standards. They are an indispensable industry tool for water treatment sites, playing a pivotal role in achieving clean water objectives and meeting the specific requirements of any site.

  • Pyxis SP-710 Handheld Meters

    Water multimeter & colorimeter in ONE measuring 6 key parameters

  • Pyxis SP-200 Handheld Meters

    Colorimeter measures ALL common oxidising biocides & disinfectants

  • Pyxis SP-350 Handheld Meters

    Direct concentration measurement of PTSA

  • Pyxis SP-600 Handheld Meters

    Water multimeter & colorimeter in ONE measuring 5 key parameters

  • Pyxis SP-800 Handheld Meters

    Multi-parameter & multi-wavelength colorimeter and turbidimeter

  • Pyxis SP-910 Handheld Meters

    Parameter/ wavelength fluorometer, colorimeter & turbidimeter

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